Christmas menú
Dec 24th 2019


Sicilian bruschetta
(mozzarella, tomatoes sauce, eggplant
& fresh basil on homemade bread)

Fico n*drangheta
(Dried figs with cured ham and rucola)

Insalata Caprese don lo giudice
(Mozzarella bocconcini with Roma tomatoes,fresh basil,
black olives and olive oil)

piatti principali

Ravioli Al Capone
(Spinach ravioli filled with ricotta cheese,
pink salmon and a pinch of fresh dill)
with herb butter and dried tomatoes sauce

rabbit don tony pagliotto
with ratatouille on tomatoes sauce

panzotti di lucky Luciano
(Pasta filled with ricotta cheese, fresh basil,
Parmesan cheese & mozzarella)
With almond pesto

Saltimbocca alla romana
Cured ham and sage-stuffed tenderloin,
served with potatoes in herb butter sauce

Pesce Rosso di Valentino Venticinque
Pink salmon , with vegetable towerserved
with mashed peas and lemon sauce


Traditional dessert made with Mascarpone cheese,
lady fingers and coffee syrup
Bombeta Scozzese
Made of American cream, filled with caramel and
covered with bitter chocolate

a bottle of water or soft drink,
a middle bottle of red wine 1st brand "Malbec Luigi Bosca"
and a cup of sparkling wine "Luigi Bosca Cuveé" for each one included

u$s 50.- CASH
u$s 60.- debit or credit card